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Kettle Corn
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Real Butter Kettle Corn

1/2 Cup Of Paragon Yellow Corn Kernels
3 Tablespoons Of Domino Light Brown Sugar
1/4 Cup Of Hain Pure Foods Organic Sugar
1/4 Cup Of Real Salted Butter

Serving Size 5
288 Calories Per Serving
15 Grams Of Fat

Preparation Instructions:
Juan from North Bend Washington was cool enough to allow my staff to publish his very own tried and tested real butter kettle corn recipe. To get started, first you will want to take out a deep pot or deep cooking skillet. Do make sure that you use something with a very solid inner lining, as this is one dessert recipe that it very easy to burn or over cook. Once you have your pot out, place it on to your stove top, and let it heat by itself for about two minutes, so that it can get nice and toasty. Once it's warm, pour in the real salted butter, Paragon yellow corn kernels, and three tablespoons of Domino light brown sugar. Using a wooden spoon or spatula, mix these ingredients together until you have a nice even and consistent mixture. For the following step, place a tight or snug fitting lid over the cooking vessel, and then put on a pair of oven mitts. Swish and shake around the pot contents while they cook over medium high heat. The next step is tricky, so follow it closely. When roughly one to two cups of popcorn has popped into your pot, quickly remove the lid from the pot, and then pour in the Hain Pure Foods organic sugar. Next quickly place the lid back on to the pot, then vigorously shake and slide the pot around, as this will prevent any burning of the sugar. Once your kettle corn slows to popping only once every two seconds, you will then want to remove the pot from the burner, while continuing to shake the pot for one to three minutes afterwards. You are now ready to toss the real butter kettle corn into a huge serving bowl. Eat the delicious kettle corn warm, as it tastes the best consumed that way.
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Kettle Corn

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