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Welcome to our kettle corn image archive, where we'll be displaying various photos that we've taken over the years. We've been popping homemade kettle corn for over a decade now, both for our own personal enjoyment, and as a business endeavor. Many of the photos that we'll host here will catalogue our long journey in making sweet and delicious kettle corn, and we hope that you'll enjoy them. If you yourself have any kettle corn related photos that you feel compelled to share with our visitors, then please be sure and submit them to us for publishing. Our only requirement in publishing user submitted photos, is that you hold the original copyright over the image, and are permitted to share it online. We're particularly interested in publishing any photos you might have of unique or custom crafted kettle corn poppers and equipment, so be sure and send those in to us if you can. For further questions, please send our staff a note.

With regard to the resolution quality of submitted photos, we prefer them to be crisp and clean images, preferably emailed to us in the PNG format. JPEG format has a much lesser pixel compression ratio than PNG, and while we can use it, it isn't preferred. Unfortunately due to quality standards, not all photos that we receive can be published. Grainy, hazy, or unfocused photo submissions have a tendency to drag down the overall user experience here in our photo section, and thus we will generally disregard them. If you want your photo submission to be published, then you will have a greater chance by simply sending us a high quality clear image. We aren't demanding that you send us studio quality images of course, so with the exception of photo clarity and focus, we aren't really strict with regard to the photo or image itself, or it's kettle corn related content. As far as distribution goes, your photo will only be published here on our kettle corn site.

In addition to posting random kettle corn photos here, we also have plans to post several how to guides for making kettle corn. These guides will be complete with photos, showing each step in the kettle corn creation process via a high resolution digital photo. As most of you probably know already, popping kettle corn isn't particularly hard to do once you've learned several of the key techniques. We have perfected several techniques over the years, which not only help to create better tasting kettle corn, but keep is crisp and without any traces of burning or blackening. A lot of the tricks are in the cooking temperature level, as well as in the stirring processes. So stay tuned for more photos on that. I may even post some photo diagrams, drawings, and sketches, which will really illustrate exactly how to perform each technique discussed. So please bookmark this page, as our updates will be slow and steady across the coming weeks.

I thought I would quickly update this section, and send out a warm thank you for all of you that have been so kind to submit your own personal kettle corn related photos to us for publishing. Over half of our photos thus far are now user submitted. Our website space is virtually unlimited, so please continue to send them in, and we'll publish them as quickly as we can. The photos can be any size, or even in black and white if you wish. We're open to publishing any photos that have to do with kettle corn, and don't have any specific requirements for them. So again, thank you for all of these wonderful photos. Some of you asked us if we will accept bulk kettle corn photo submissions. The answer is yes, in fact we prefer it when you send in more than one photo, as it saves us time in uploading several, as opposed to uploading them individually one by one. So again, keep the photos coming folks. They should appear on this page in two business days.
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