Why should you attend an outdoor concert?

By kettleco / December 5, 2015


Have you ever attended an outdoor concert? If not, have you ever thought that you will spend hours in taking part in the activity? It will be very exciting to be there and see your favorite artists performing on the stage. However, you have to spend amount of money for entrance tickets, parking fees or others cost for food, drink, clothes… That are some reasons why many people don’t want to join in an outdoor concert. Conversely, there are still many reasons for the decision attending a concert. That’s because you will get more than having a good time. Purchasing a ticket to a concert can be really good for you.

Let’s check the following reasons before making your decision whether or not to enjoy!

1. More active

You will stand, dance, scream and jump. That’s enough for you to burn calories, the same as you get when exercising. In comparison with laying in the sofa and watching TV, attending a concert outdoors is definitely better. If you enjoy activities, this is a considerable chance to dance and sing along to music as well as burn more calories. Enjoying music and improving your health, how exellent!

2. Lift your spirit


Fun activities can help people to raise the spirits during the day. Many people have to us some special method in order to boost their emotions and keep their spirits up. Attending an outdoor concert is a kind of that activities. You will have an oppotunity to experience the excitement of having a tickets to the concert, preparing the essentials, taking part in with your friends and enjoying the unforgetable memories. The amount of money you spent to be at the concert is really worth what you can get.

3. Support your community

Sometimes, you can not only join a big show, but also a local show, which performed by local artists. The purpose of this type is to give people a way to socialize. To attend these shows, you will have a chance to go out, meet many people and become more involved. You also can support the artists career, which shows that you can support your community.

4. Discover new sounds

The sounds that you heard in CDs of your favorite artists or in TV is different from the one in live settings. The sound of a live performance is always so much better than a CD. In case you don’t attending an outdoor concert, you cannot experience their music live, especially the new sounds. For some people, it is the best way to feel the whole emotion of a song. Because music has a big influence in mood, many people consider it as a cure to improve their mood.

Moreover, it is a great way to support your favorite artists. Today is the online generation, so does music. For artists, performing in live settings cost much more money than recording their songs. So the supports from their audience will be the most wonderful thing for their effort to be in the stage.

5. A safe area

A concert is surrounded by a lot of people, but it’s safe. Actually, anywhere many people gather together, there will be something dangerous. However, you can pick a smart choice to avoid these situations and have a good time with many people around. Attending an outdoor concert is still an ideal way to go out and stay safe. Just remember that everything is up to you, stay away anything can injure or harm you and have a good experience at the concert.

6. It’s outdoor

Outdoor activities have many big benefits, especially for health. This will reduce stress from work and daily living. Participating in outdoor activities provide people with a chance to meet other people and build relationship with them. This will help you to boost self-confident, improve creativity and have positive impact on your life. Spending time outdoors leads to improve positive mood and reduce depression.


If the reasons listed above cannot help you to decide whether or not to attend an outdoor concert, there is an alternative can be considered. You can go to the concert and enjoy the said things. If not, spend your day in the sofa and watch TV. Of course, your money still belong to you, but the exellent memory will belong to anyone who attends a concert. Enjoying a concert is a smart choice to invest money and have a good time that is unforgetable.

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