What should be wear for a pop concert?

By kettleco / January 8, 2016


Clothes you choose to wear when going to an outdoor concert depends on the music style of the show. There are many different kind of music concert. It is pop, rock, hip hop or country… Pop music is a genre of popular music that originated in its modern form in the Western world during the 1950s and 1960s, deriving from rock and roll. Pop music is electronic, and often borrows elements from other styles such as urban, dance, rock, Latin, and country; nonetheless, there are core elements that define pop music.

This article will discuss about how to have a fabulous look for a pop concert.

1. Start at your shoes

In most cases, you will start at the top and then work your way down. For example, firstly you will choose a T-shirt, then jeans and shoes finally. But this order is reversed when choosing an outfit for attending a pop concert. Shoes will be picked first. A pair of high heels is acceptable but be sure that you can feel comfortable during all day standing. A pair of flatties is another choice for a good look as well as having very low heels. However, there are a lot jumping and dancing at the concert. Sneakers are better. An option which is not only fashionable but also comfortable is wearing boots. Furthermore, they really fit a pair of jeans.

Warning: Sandals or flip flops are not encouraged. There are many people around you and they move, dance and jump incessantly. It is not possible for you to protect your feet and worry about where your shoes are. If you wear sneakers, note to turn the end of your laces so that they look neat.

2. Choose bottoms

You should pick dress, skirt, jeans or trousers… that go with the style you chose for the shoes. For example, you have boots, pick a pair of leggings or skinny jeans. They are comfortable and creat a fashionable look. If you are going to wear heels, miniskirt will help to complement your body and character.

Warning: You shouldn’t wear white T-shirts. At an event surrounding a lot of people, a lot of screaming, jumping and dancing , there is nothing more upset than sweaty stains.

3. Choose top


A sophisticated look will pull the outfit together with a fun top. You can choose leather jacket, T-shirt or hoodie… If you choose jeans for bottoms, add a white tee, which is very stylish and elegant. If you choose a colorful miniskirt, a looser top is a good choice to creat a womanly look.

Warning: Your top should be made of cotton. You will be moving, dancing and jumping in a hot weather and you will be probably bathed in sweat. Cotton is the best material for sucking sweat.

4. Choose a dress

You can use a simple dress as a fashionable item to encourage your set. If you want to wear a dress for fun style, select a dress that follows the shape of your body. Remember to wear a pair of heels together or a pair boots to creat the feeling as if your legs were longer and more attractive. However, these kind of dress and boots can cause hot and uncomfortable feelings if the concert is held in the summer.

5. Consider some accessories

You add some extra items like jewelry to your shirt, jeans or skirt … to creat more special look. For instance, wearing a pair of earrings to pay the attention to your face. Bracelets or necklaces are also great accessories to be considered .

Warning: Try to avoid large rings and long necklaces when attending an outdoor concert. Wearing them can injure to you and people standing around you. Just make it simple and they won’t injure you.

6. Hair and make up

The same as the listed above does, these looks should be added to your set in a way that improves it or makes it more attractive. In this case, you should apply a bold lip in red or pink and a layer of liquid eyeliner, which is enough to creat a fashinable look. With your hair, elegant, confident and highly skilled look is the best choice. You can try straight, loose curls or a cut braid style.


Choosing clothes to wear when attending an outdoor concert often makes someone feel nervous, anxious and intimidating, especially you have not ever gone to a concert or don’t go regularly. Therefore, many people may make mistakes when choosing the right set to wear.

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