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Things need to be taken with you at an outdoor concert

By kettleco / December 26, 2015


Attending an outdoor concert is not as simple as watching a TV show or joining a party. If you can have a lot of fun, there are so many things you should consider before the decision to go to there.

There will be a few tips for being present at an outdoor concert that you need to remember. Sometimes, you will forget some essentials because of your excitement for the concert. Therefore, on the next plan to go to an outdoor music show, let’s consider the following tips for attending an outdoor concert.

1. Water

Water is one of the most important element for health, which replaces the large amounts of water lost in daily activities. It is so beneficial, so easy and free to get. In this case, it becomes more essential because you will sing or scream that means you will want more water than usual. Therefore, you should bring water when attending an outdoor concert in order not to interrupt your party.

2. Clothing: as little as possible

Whenever the concert starts, it’s going to be extremely, intensely hot because of the eventful atmosphere there. So try to wear as little clothing as possible. Moreover, it’s essential that you should wear clothing can make you more comfortable. T-shirt and jeans are the ideal choice than ever. In conclusion, the more comfortable you feel in what you are wearing, the more comfortable your experience will be.

3. Sunscreen

Attending an outdoor concert means that you will wear less clothes but more sunscreen. Spending hours outdoors can affect your skin. The ozone layer is reducing and your body need to be protected from harmful rays. Wearing sunscreen can decrease the growth of skin cancer, prevent skin from the process of becoming discoloured and slow down the development of having wrinkles. In this case, there is not another better choice to keep yourself safe from
burning but to sunscreen. Remember to take it with you during the concert and you can put another layer whenever possible.


4. Shade

You should find an area that is dark and cool under or behind something, for example a tree or building because the sun’s light doesn’t get to it. You can go to there to sit down or get shade whenever you feel sick. Spending hours on your feet, especially under the direct light is not good at all.

5. Sunglasses

Like sunscreen, wearing sunglasses can protect your eyes from the direct light. They can protect your eyes as well as the skin around the eyes from the UV radiation,the blue-light and skin cancer. In addition, sunglasses help your eyes adapt quickly to the dark after hours in bright sunlight. However, you won’t have a good view of the show you came to see, so consider the weather condition when the concert is held.

6. Bag

It seems strange, but bringing the right bag is extremely important at an outdoor concert. A bag you bring need to be big enough to carry everything you need, but not too cumbersome. A cross body bag or a backpack is perfect for that. You can hang it over your shoulder and not concern about it. If you bring a bag that cannot be slung over your shoulder, you will spend time to worry about where it is at the same time you concentrate on the concert. And it is not worth much.

7. Get information

It’s virtually essential that you should get a basic knowledge about the concert you are going to attend as much as possible. What time does the door open? Which act will be performed in the stage? Is there any gift for the audience? How many people will take part in the concert?



  • If camera is allowed to be used in the concert, take some pictures. However, it is not allowed in some cases. You should care in what you do before the decision to take some photographs.
  • Smoking is forbiden in most concerts. In some venues, there are smoking areas. Just try to be thoughtful and follow the rule.
  • Enjoy the concert. If you don’t pay attention to the schedule of the show, you may leave before it completely finishes. Hence, let’s feel free and stay till the end and enjoy the show. Otherwise, you may not experience the most special minutes of the concert. Spending all day at this atmosphere doesn’t mean that it is impossible to stay longer.
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