How to prepare for an outdoor music festival

By kettleco / December 15, 2015


Outdoor music festivals have become special events that mark an important stage in the young. With anyone who attend an outdoor music festival, it is the unforgetable memory. You will remember and tell storis during the rest of your life. Why? It is an considerable oppotunity that young adults can live themselve and find out their real characteristics.

Hence, there is no reason not to pick a ticket and do something awesome as attending an outdoor music festival. In order to get the valuable experience, preparation is non-negotiable.

1. Weather

Being prepared for all kinds of weather is a suggestion to help you to deal with any sudden problem. It sounds trivial, but you can find an easy way to wear the right clothing and bring the essential things. Just check the weather forecast and then bring an umbrella, a raincoat or sunglasses for each situation. Sunscreen is also considered about to protect your skin from the light during the day. If it’s cold, pack a jacket. If it is going to rain, bring an mackintosh. That way, your trip can’t be ruined for any reason.

2. Having a plan

Enjoying an outdoor music festival means that you will spend all day, sometimes all night out side and actually daily routines like taking a shower or brushing up seem tough to be done. In some concert, there will be shower room so you just need to spend amount of money and enjoy your home. If not, remember to bring dry shampoo to throw away the dirties lasting all day.

You also need to keep an eye on.

3. What to wear


Now isn’t time for bringing expensive or valuable clothes. That’s because you can’t avoid accidental lossing or damaging. When choosing what to wear, comfort is the first thing should be considered since spending all day with a tight and rough pair of leggings or is not easy ever. Be sure that your shoes will make form blisters, your shorts will not rub against your legs and make them become sore.

4. Take essentials with you

If you want to bring your phone, money, camera or keys … and don’t want to lose them, you should wear a backpack or cross-body bag. Note that other regular bags may not work and cause an obstruction while you want to have your hands free and don’t want to worry about them. Regularly, concerts are safe and peaceful but you should be on the alart with the people around you.

If you are bringing a purse or you don’t have a small purse, a cross-body bag, you may spend amount of money to purchase one because it’s virtually essential.

You also need to bring food and drink. Most outdoor concert will provide free water for audiences, but take a bottle yourself to refill water and stay hydrated anytime.

5. Enjoy the experience

It is very difficult to find out the same feeling as attending an outdoor music festival. If you can’t embrace the experience and really explore all aspects of the festival, what a pity! It is a good chance to meet people, make friends, join games or participate in contests. You are young and fun and need to do somethimg memorable. So do it right now because you are never going to be younger, more energetic than what you have at the moment. What people think about you is not as important as who you really are. Just make this experience the best ever.



  • Always go with your friends. Choose a place to meet each other in case a member may get separated from others.
  • Be sure for the transportation to go to the concert. This is usually up to the distance from your house to the place the event is held and the number of people will go with you. If you are going to go to the concert with your friends, it would be better to decide who is the driver in advance
  • Consider the parking lot of the venue
  • Check whether food and drink are allowed to bring into the concert with you.
  • Outline your day before the day of the concert.
  • Charge your phone before you leave home.
  • Drink water before go on the show. If you cannot bring water, buying it at the concert seems rather expensive. You should get hyderated on the day of the show because you will be sweaty more than usual for moving aroung, singing and dancing.

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