How to enjoy a wonderful outdoor concert

By kettleco / January 19, 2016


1. Update news and check ticket availability:

Follow the social network pages of your favorite bands. Then sign up as well as visit their websites to update. You should start asking someone when you get information about the show. By these ways, you can find out the newest ‘gigs’ in time even if they aren’t pulicized on the newspaper or radio. In the fact that, venues often public “hold” tickets one or two days before the show. They must be sold if not used. You should get tickets as soon as possible.

2. Go with your friends:

This doesn’t makesure your safety but also brings an altogether enjoyable experience. You will feel free when be with best friends, specially with the friends having same music hobby. Thanks to that, you will be able enjoy a great outdoor concert. Make a note of coordinating who will purchase the tickets to sit together. Keep in touch with them to avoid unplanned changes.

3. Book tickets:

You need consider reliable companies, such as: the website of the venue, the band or authorized ticket site. Remember to compare prices to get tickets at the most reasonable price. If want a comfortable seat, you should buy less tickets. Buying 10 tickets at the same time may have nosebleed seats. A good seat is one of important factors bringing enjoyable feeling at an outdoor concert. The sooner you get to the venue the more ideal seats you will get!

4. Get tickets:

It’s helpful to choose a good method of delivery. Getting an online ticket that you can received by mail and then print it, may reduce some fees. It’s easy to make an exactly copy. When you buy ticket and wait for pick up at the venue, most venues offer “Will Call” service, which ask you to show the credit card and a driving license used when buying the tickets. Picking up tickets from Will Call, you must sell your tickets on small advertisement in a newspaper if an emergency happens. In some case, smaller shows may have later hours and not offer Will Call service. So, call and ask before you presume.


5. Check information carefully:

The first information can’t be missed is the start time of the show. You should coordinate your time of departure that allow for traffic. Note that fans of some concert and artists like to tailgate before the show. The venue can tell you if this may happen for the concert. Therefore, you should leave early. If do that, you can also purchase drink, snacks or band goods from the merchandise tables.

6. Coordinate essential supplies or items :

After making a schedule, you share it with friends going with you. Content of the plan must show your wardrobe ahead of time, amount of cash taken, important confirmations, and useful items, such as: sunglasses, toilet paper clothes,… Don’t forget to overlook your belongings or leave your car unlocked.

7. Carpool or “caravan”:

When having tickets, the number of people attending may surprise you. Regularly, the larger the group the better. Why? Because this omits parking fees, gas, …

Choose clothes:

Consider the weather in advance. It’s necessary when you attend an outdoor concert. A jumper or coat should be put in the coat check since it’s too hot to wear. A light jacket is ok if it’s cold. A bag is always useful. It will make you manage easier while the show. The advice is that the less you carry, the better.

8. Make a mental note of the instructions and principles of the show:

  • Food and beverage: You will not be admitted with them and thrown away if you are caught with them. Better to let them at home.
  • Notice the detailed information of staff and security at the show.
  • Camera: It may be not allowed in the concert. If security staff detect you in using camera, apologize, put your camera away and try not to let security staff see it again. Some larger, international shows also prohibit phones in concerts.You should check with the venue or band sites for any rules on items.
  • Smoking: Be thoughtful and follow the rules of the behavior of whom around you.

9. Go to a meeting place away from the crowd to find your friends and transport:

Go to the parking area carefully. Only going home safely can make your outdoor concert experience more perfect!



Perhaps you may forget a disadvantage of attending an outdoor concerts that it can be harmful to your health. Your ears may be damaged by the volume of the music.


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